Creative Branch began more than 28 years ago and has grown each year due to a wonderfully talented team. The Creative Branch team loves great design and this pursuit drives us each and every day. We measure success when we "finish" a well designed space with our beautiful pieces. Much like taking a good outfit to great with the perfect accessories, our realistic botanicals can help finish a space with the right pop of color or drama.



Complimentary onsite consultation in the Houston area is offered by the experienced designers at Creative Branch. Our consultant will come to your office or home and gather all the information necessary to make a professional quote that will meet your needs. They will take measurements and photos, gather your input and make qualified suggestions that will help insure that the proposal you receive will be what you expect and more.

Design Philosophy 

Creative Branch has established itself as a nationally known manufacturer of artificial trees, plants, floral arrangements, and Christmas decorations. With over 50 total years of design experience, our design staff is still passionate about learning and growing in floral design. Our head designer attends classes and symposiums, including the annual American Institute for Floral Design (AIFD), to learn and be inspired by the world's most influential floral designers. We always have an eye out for the new trends so we can offer our clients quality and the most recent looks with which to satisfy their clients.

Care and Handling 

The sales and design departments make every effort to ensure that orders are filled to your satisfaction. Every precaution is taken by our shipping department to eliminate damage to our fragile product. 

Environmental Statement 

Creative Branch is a company intent on avoiding waste and minimizing adverse environmental impact. We find and note vendors that offer products manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. Many of our most popular designs use reclaimed wood and other re-purposed products. In house, we have taken more steps to conserve in energy use and recycling of packaging products.

Let's Get Started

Contact us at 713-861-5551 or to schedule an appointment with one of our designers.


Edward "Trey" Holm- President, H&W Creative Branch, LLC.

DBA Creative Branch