Dracaena 1/2 head PomPom- Dbl, 9' container not included in price, scroll down for container choices

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50.00 (in)
108.00 (in)
50.00 (in)
  • square tapered zinc planter
  • square tapered zinc planter
  • square tapered zinc planter
  • flared zinc
  • tapered zinc planter
  • tapered zinc planter
  • fake soil
  • Black star glossy
  • black star, matte
  • Moon rock, black matte
  • moon rock, black glossy
  • moon rock, blonde matte
  • moon rock, blonde glossy
  • matte moon rock, brown
  • glossy moon rock, brown
  • Glossy pebbles
  • Man made Moss

Faux Yucca Pom Pom is a handcrafted on natural dragonwood trunks.

Tree is in a paper mache liner with natural sheet moss topdressing as a default selection.

Please select from options for containers and topdressing.  

For help in customizing your tree please contact us at

Extra crating and surcharge is required for shipping this tree, please contact us for more information

Overall size is 50x50x108

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